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Tolleys Tax Cases 2011 eBook

Tolley's tax cases 2011
Product Code: ETTC11
Publication Date: February 2011
ISBN: 9781405765046
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Price: £117.95

This is your complete eBook guide to Court, Special Commissioners’ and First-Tier Tribunal decisions relevant to current direct tax legislation. This unique handbook contains concise summaries of over 2,800 tax cases from 1875 right up to the most recent judgements.

Fully updated to take account of all cases up to 1 January 2011, this authoritative text is the only book of its kind to contain summaries of all important court decisions relevant to direct tax legislation. With chapters arranged in alphabetical order for easy referencing and a comprehensive index, you can find all the answers you require quickly and easily.

Why Tolley’s Tax Cases 2011 is an essential eBook:

  • Tolley’s Tax Cases contain concise summaries of almost 3,000 Court, Special Commissioners’ and First-Tier Tribunal decisions from 1875 to 1st January 2011
  • Newly available as an eBook, it is ideal for quick and easy access to in-depth tax cases on your PC, laptop, mobile device or eReader
  • Time-saving devices such as annotating and highlighting functions and keyword searches aid navigation and enable quick referencing
  • As an eBook it frees up space in the office and is a more environmentally friendly, paper-light option for the modern day practice
  • Brought to you by Tolley’s whose history in tax publications is second to none, you can be reassured you have the most reliable information around

Top seven reasons to choose an eBook:

  1. Access immediately: no need to go to the library to buy an eBook or wait for them to arrive in the post.
  2. Search for key works: instantly find the information relevant to you saving you time leafing through pages of text
  3. Read offline: no need to worry about unstable internet connections or poor phone reception, as eBooks are stored in your computer
  4. Navigate easily: bookmark your favourites, highlight and annotate key segments for quick access
  5. Save space: store hundreds and thousands of eBooks in your computer library, no need to add shelves when you add volumes
  6. Carry them anywhere: take hundreds of books with you, on CD, in a laptop, notebook or any ebook reader, without worrying about their weight
  7. Preserve data: if you lose or change your device, our dedicated team will help you transfer your eBooks.

Also available as a print plus eBook set.

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Price: £165.13

This is your complete and updated hardcopy and eBook set covering Court, Special Commissioners’ and First-Tier Tribunal decisions relevant to current direct tax legislation.

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