How to improve your home to sell it all the faster?


"I want to sell my property quickly but don’t know how to make it more attractive for the Open House."


Hereby we would like to share a couple of handy tips on how you can improve your home without much of an investment in order to make it more attractive to the customers.

  • 1. Define each room

According to several staging specialists, one key to selling a home faster is to define all of its spaces. This means to give them their clear purpose. This way, the potential buyers will also see it much more clearly and decide if they want to keep it so, or change it. If a room is undefined it brings confusion and this results in the loss of interest. So, make the kitchen a kitchen, specify a living room, a dining area, a clear entrance hall area, bedroom and guest room.

  • 2. Clear the paths to make each room easy to walk around

This tip is also important for Open House events. The key to it, is to make the rooms easily walkable. It should be easy to go to the window or to the other side of the room as well as to any other room. These clear spaces for maneuver will really pay off with the visitors.

Each color has their own way of working our attention. While the warm tones, such as red, orange or yellow are working like magnets of attention, the red and blue are perfect when you want to bring the attention away from something. Enhance everything that looks particularly good with a touch of red, orange or yellow. These work great on walls, countertops and any other places you want to highlight. While if you have some things you’d better hide, an unattractive corner for instance, you can perfectly do it with the help of a nice green plant. If it has nice colored flowers, it’s all the better.

Lights are great, but not the harsh, clear, white LED lights which we tend to experience whenever we go to a changing room at a store. Work the softer, southern type light which makes people look good. This is especially important when it comes to lights next to mirrors. You can also do strategic lighting whereas you get some lamps in the darker corners or simply experiment and see how a room looks better, bigger or more inviting.

Give oil for the doors, enable for them all to open up and close easily. The same goes for the windows as well. A noisy house has a creepy feeling therefore it’s best to avoid it all in all.

People do love the warm sight of fire ( even if it’s electronic) therefore make sure it’s turned on by the time visitors arrive.

Same as with the fireplace, many people do love the sound and sight of water out in the garden. Even if you cannot invest in a proper fishpond, go and get a mini waterfall which you can then arrange to look its best.