How to impress your buyers and make your home value more?

If you are a woman chances are you have watched at least a dozen shows on selling properties and you have also learned a thing or two out of it. However, although these shows are geared towards larger renovations to really change a home’s overall appearance and really raise their value (which is a gamble as renovations are never guaranteed to raise value as much as it’s forecasted) they also talk about the importance of little things. We would like to discuss these little things and their magical effects when it comes to your home’s overall value and the chance to ask a higher price for it.

Walk around your home and try to look at everything as if you were a visitor. Count every faulty features, all the stuff which you don’t like, which are dirty or overused and which you would rather not see. And there we go, now you know how much visitors examine a home which is not theirs. Make notes and start cleaning methodically.

Make a list of everything which doesn’t look good which need maintenance. From the spider webs on the windows or on the ceiling to the missing screws here and there, from the doors and windows which are hard to open or close to everything which just doesn’t work the way it should.

  • 3. Larger maintenance

Enlist the places which would need a larger maintenance and then count how much it would all cost and if it’s worth fixing it. If you are in a hurry due to a home repossession or similar legal procedure closing up on you, then you won’t have the money to do larger maintenance. Ask some friends to help you get the whole home painted, that’s more than enough in that case and still adds value to your home. If you have the means to do larger maintenance and they are surely worth it, then go for it.


Make sure you shop from lightbulbs and that their light is pleasant enough for everything to look bright, spacious but not too sterile and cold. Steer clear from the blue –white LEDs if possible.

Pack your belongings away, at least most of them and take especially big care of your valuables which are prone to get lost or stolen, especially during Open House days.

Be ruthless and throw everything away which you don’t need. Or gift and donate them away. You won’t feel sorry for them. If you have a house, it’s probably full of stuff which are well enough for a garage sales too.

People do love the sight of green and gardens. Use this to your advantage. Get some lovely looking green plants and place them strategically indoors, outdoors, next to the entrance door. They work wonders with the overall appeal of a home.