About moving companies and costs of moving

When it comes to the questions „when can I sell my property? "when is my new property ready?” or „ When can I finally move to my own property” we can see how important it is for us to have our own place to live. But we need to make sure that once one property is sold the other one is bought or rented right on time. Because you must be ready to move when the contract is signed. This time around we will let you know some of the important steps to consider when it comes to moving and the costs of moving.

What’s important to know is, how much money they are asking for, when they are available, if they got positive or negative feedbacks and on when exactly they are available to move you and your things to the new home. It’s also handy to see how big trucks they are working with, especially if you have plenty of things to be moved. Also, several moving companies have their own terms and conditions and these are pretty easy to read on their websites. While one doesn’t do home delivery (they pack everything outside on the pavement and leave unless you pay an extra) others exclude the carrying of anything which is not in a box (except for furniture). Some seasons are particularly busy for moving companies, summer, spring and autumn included. So, call a good one well in advance (1-2 month preferably) to make sure you can move out on time.

Each moving company works with their own tariffs and most often then not they will cost more money then what you calculate.


In order for you to cut back as much as you can, try to move your things in advance. Even if you can only take smaller things with you, paying for only one round with the transportation company’s truck will cost remarkably less than paying for 2 or 3 turns. Ask your friends’ or colleagues’ help and invite them for a fun dinner or a beer and pizza evening to pay for their kindness. This is not only a great way to make friendships last but also a big help.

Another way to cut back on costs is to donate your unwanted furniture or give them away for people who will also take them away from your former home. This way you don’t lose, you may even earn some money and you are also freed from having to pay an extra for those furniture.

Apart from the costs of petrol, diesel or gas, there are no other direct costs of moving. However what you shouldn’t forget is, that you have to arrange all your services to run well in advance, by the time you are moving in.

Keep these in mind and don’t forget to call and arrange time with the moving company at least a couple of weeks before the exact date ( when possible) to make sure that the moving will happen right on time.